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How To Have The Most Stylish Wedding

This is an article that Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations did for BrideAccess! Fabulous tips and beautiful invitations for you.  Enjoy! 


How to have the most stylish Wedding in 2012

If you've been shopping recently (which we KNOW you have… we're women- it's basically in our blood) you've probably seen pops of this fabulous, vibrant, orange-red color: Tangerine Tango. We love the full strength power of this hue… sure to catch anyone's eye. But what makes this color so special? Well, it's because it's Pantone's Color of the Year!

If you haven't heard of this, that's ok- don't panic. Many people aren't aware that there is such a thing as a "Color of the Year." Here's a little background on the "who, what, when, and why" of the Color of the Year.

For nearly 50 years, Pantone has been the world-wide leader in color, with their expertise influencing many industries, like fashion, home and industrial design, product packaging, and graphic design. And for the past decade, Pantone has designated a color of the year, which is announced at the New Year.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® says this about Tangerine Tango, “Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it . . . Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.” We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Okay… so how in the world do they choose the color? And just one?

A lot of thought and work goes into how they choose the color. They consider the state of economies, attitudes, moods, and needs around the world (formally called Zeitgeist - a german word that translates to, "Spirit of the times"), and find a color that reflects a positive change. We think that's pretty cool, because we are huge believers in the psychology of color. Color is such powerful tool, and if you use it wisely your wedding will be unforgettably beautiful… and Tangerine Tango is the perfect punch to do just that.

Here at Ann Elizabeth, we have been known for our use of beautiful colors; Tangerine Tango being one of them. This color is surprisingly versatile, and can be used for any "look" you're going for, whether it be formal, casual, nautical, urban, rural, hipster, or traditional! We're excited to share with you the following section where we'll show you a few fabulous ways to incorporate this hot hue in your wedding plans.

Center Stage:

Feeling bold? We love it! Make Tangerine Tango the star of your wedding color palette. We love the full-strength presence of this hue in these invitations.



Love this color but aren't quite ready to have it front-and-center in your wedding? Make it a secondary color! This color plays a fabulous supporting role. It adds that brilliant pop of color that exudes fun and sophistication at the same time.

Take this one for instance! We've paired it with a monochromatic color scheme which tones it down just a bit.

We LOVE how this next one turned out. It's a really bold combination of colors (and SO fun.. if we do say so ourselves!). Tangerine Tango is the perfect sidekick to the striking fushia color of the pocket. Talk about a 1-2-punch!


We absolutely love this color any way it comes, even in the small details. Want a white wedding but need that extra little something? Pepper that white beauty with Tangerine Tango. It's the perfect accent and just the right amount of contrast to keep your guests awe-struck at the freshness and elegance of your wedding!

And last but not least, we have a subtle addition of Tangerine Tango. We love how versatile this color is; it can pop so that it's front and center, or it can add the perfect touch of cheer to any invitation.

So there you have it! We hope you've enjoyed this article as much as we have. And we can practically guarantee… now that we've introduced you to this color you'll see it EVERYWHERE. Now you can be the color expert and point out to your friends the Color of the Year, courtesy of Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations.


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TriFecTa Design and I Deux Bridal

TriFecta  Tri-Fecta Design

In Sugarhouse I found the most quaint home with two sensational businesses inside. One is TriFecTa Design - a floral shop and the other is  I Deux- a Bridal shop. The most original and thoughtful masterpieces await you. Below is a collection of photos that show both some of the beautiful gowns in the I Deux collection, as well as a sample of the bridal and event design work of TriFecTa.

TriFecTa was founded in 2005 and specializes in modern, sculptural designs that highlight the natural beauty of premium flowers and materials. Our clients want something different and unique, so everything TriFecTa creates is custom and never cookie-cutter. TriFecTa is a full-service florist and event planning studio, providing design services across the state and at all of Utah’s top venues.

Tri-Fecta Design  TriFectaTri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design   Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  TriFecta TriFectaTriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTaTriFecta TriFecta

I Deux Bridal is Utah’s first consignment bridal boutique that offers designer and custom gowns at discounted prices. Our clients are financially savvy yet fashion-conscious. Our “previously adored” gowns are among the most fabulous you will find in the state. Fittings are by appointment only, and I Deux is always accepting new, wonderful gowns to add to our collection. I Deux also hosts surprise “Pop-ups” of designer clothing. This Re-Deux boutique is where our clients find designer handbags, shoes, cocktail dresses, all at amazing prices!

Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design Tri-Fecta Design  Tri-Fecta Design TriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTaTriFecta TriFecta TriFecta TriFectaTriFecta TriFectaTriFecta TriFecta TriFecta TriFectaTriFecTa TriFecTa TriFecTa

Thank you Erin Kate Photography and Sparkle Photography for the pictures - they're beautiful!

Watch this video to see for yourself just how great it is to work with TriFecta and I Deux...


Whether it’s the cut of a svelte satin gown, or the graceful angle of a Dutch tulip, the owners of I Deux and TriFecTa Design, Inc. appreciate all aspects of design and the artistry of a product that makes it memorable. Pamela Olson and Lindsay Vieta-Vest, owners of TriFecTa, always strive to work with brides to bring their vision to life. With Jaime Vieta-Myers, the pair founded I Deux to bring this aesthetic to the bridal market.




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The Winner of the Tournament

Yes! Bride's March Madness is done. The winner of the tournament is you! You have planned the big day and honeymoon and you get to come home and enjoy your new life! The two categories we have left to investigate are the things you need after you are married. These will be fun to think about before your big day, and more fun to decide after you are home from the honeymoon and living your life together. 

Gifts and Home Furnishings is so fun! What are you going to choose for your home colors- kitchen, bath, bedroom? IKEA is here to help you with everything you could ever need or want. Check them out at the Draper store.

I Do Cookbook is a fabulous idea for a gift- I have one of them myself and it is now one of my top three cookbooks ever! It explains everything and I love that. The best part for me is it has a picture of each and every recipe! That way you know what it is supposed to look like, well... what it could look like. Tell your friends and family that this is one thing you want - it will be one of the best gifts you receive. 




  I Do Cookbook


The other category you have is life planning. This is what the whole BIG DANCE was about- you get to live with the person of your dreams. LIfe planning is exciting because you get to communicate with your husband what it is that is important to you. The fist thing you need is great communication. We have 2 fabulous companies for that -- Stronger Marriage and Matt Townsend. You also get to think about insurance. There is a lot in this category- wedding insurance, health, life, dental, car, home, etc. Valley Insurance is a great resource and can help you in all that you need.  Then banking- We have 2 great options for you -- Utah Central Credit Union and Zions Bank. Call each of them to ask how they can help you. 

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave. - Martin Luther




  Matt Townsend


  Utah Central Credit Union

  Valley Insurance

   Zions Bank


Have a great life together and remember all of these life planning skills!  


***Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage. - Sydney J. Harris



     The Communication Connection by Matt Townsend   

Keep the lines of communication open and effective.

Communication is the key to keeping the flame alive from puppy love through the golden years. No matter what problems your relationship has, effective communication can bridge the gaps and pick up the pieces.


Matt Townsend, relationship expert and founder of Townsend Relationship Center, says communication creates connections that can bring about positive change in relationships. Matt shares a few tips on how to keep those lines open and effective.


Learn to understand the seven basic needs of every relationship:


In order for a relationship to be healthy it must meet the seven basic needs: 










Notice that these needs spell the word STARVED. When these needs are not met, the relationship becomes STARVED and malnourished. By learning to recognize the seven basic needs, you can then learn to feed and strengthen your relationship.

-Look through the “smoke” and get to the “fire”. 

   Couples tend to fight about superficial “smoke” and avoid the deeper “fire”.They say their spouse spent too much money when the real issue is financial safety. Smoke chokes; cut through it and focus on the root issues which are always the STARVED stuff.

-Assume you don’t fully understand everything

    Being married for many years doesn’t mean you fully understand your spouse’s perspective. Always ask questions and make

   sure you understand the answer.

-Focus on the positive

    One negative remark can erase the benefit of five compliments. To get ahead, say 20 positive things for every negative

    comment you express.

-Remember that the receiver has the power to interpret.

    No matter what is said, the listener creates meaning. As the listener, you are the receiver of the message and you have the

    power to interpret the intent of what is being said. You decide if a comment is malicious or not. When faced with a decision

   about how to interpret a statement from your spouse, think first about what you want out of the relationship. Treat your spouse

    like the person you want them to be. How you communicate today will determine the results of your relationship tomorrow.

-Keep your head in the game

    Sometimes, it’s easy to become negative and reactive. If the other person is difficult to talk to, remember this; two heads are

    better than one, but one head is better than none. Even if your spouse isn’t listening, you can make the conversations work by

    staying positive and engaged in what you want most from the relationship.

-Make a tradition of talking every day

    Set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day for loving communication. Don’t use the time to talk about kids, carpools or work – instead,

    talk about hopes, goals, dreams and why you love each other.


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